Bubble Square Tags

Bubble Square Tags

Ever wanted to get bubble shaped edges on your swing hang tags which will add beauty and also work as labels then, the bubble square hang tags are best for you as they come with round bubble-shaped edges while keeping their square shape.

Bubble square hang tags can be printed in many shapes like custom with the text you want and any shape. Die-cut bubble square hang tags can be printed in any shape like oval which will look very much similar to bubble square tags. Traditional shapes like the circular, square or even the rectangular ones can be printed from us.

You can also choose to get your bubble tag embossed or stamped to give them custom form. Gold or silver foiling adds shining while the UV coating is suitable if you want to add an extra layer of protection.

Our revolutionary machinery enables us to print tags in full-colors which means you will be able to get any color or even printed on the bubble square hang tags. Our full-color options enables us to get the tags printed which looks attractive and eye pleasing.

Custom bubble shaped square tags can be printed in two material; vinyl or cardboard where vinyl lets you get clear and waterproof tags while the cardboard printed bubble tags are rigid and can withstand any wear or tear.

We offer free shipping of all our tags to our customers without any incurring cost which means you can get your bubble square tags printed in cheap cost.


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