Jeans Paper Hang Tags

Jeans Paper Hang Tags

Sale of the jeans without Jeans Paper Hangs tags is difficult to imagine; rather almost impossible in some conditions. Jeans Paper Hang tags are paper-printed tags which are added on the surface of the jeans like threading, giving them a look of jeans. These tags are made by applying the paper on high quality jeans by applying special chemical treatment, making them inseparable part of the jeans. Honking making the jeans Paper tags.

Jeans Paper Hangs tags are part of the fashion and are used extensively in the jeans products but its specific usage is a question of preference. Soft or sharp colors, contrasting or matching colors, softness of the jeans or giving stiffness, giving a sense of rough and tough; all depends upon the choice, gender for which the jeans are being manufactured, environment, season, country and usage among many others.      

We offer our customers to select the jean with texture & color of their choice and paper quality where hard or soft paper may give jean tags a sense of stiffness or softness respectively.      

Wise selection of color of the paper may allow the matching or contrast color on the back of the Jeans Paper Hang tags

Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals works in close coordination with the customers to prepare the order cheap, up to satisfaction of the customer and above all, up to the industry standard. Free, safe, prompt and in time deliver within Australia and United States is also ensured by our marketing team.


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