Luggage tags

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags can be used when you want to label your luggage or if you are selling luggage products. The tags can not only come in regular shapes but, also bag or any other shaped tags can also be used.

We offer personalized luggage tags in different shapes including the traditional die-cut ones which can be obtained in any shape whether it be bag shape or any other. You can also get custom luggage tags printed which will allow you to get any text printed. We also offer standard shaped tags like circular, square or rectangular ones.

Once you have selected your desired tag shape then you might want to choose the appropriate material for your tags. We offer 2 different materials for baggage tags including the cardboard or vinyl. Cardboard is printed with unique textures which will also give your personalized tags for luggage a classic look. While the vinyl tags can be used to get unique luggage tags printed which are much-more durable as compared to the cardboard material and vinyl tags are also waterproof so, you can always use them outdoors.

Additional details can be added to your customized tags by choosing from emboss, stamp or foiling which is offered in gold or silver. UV coating will ensure that your tags are not only shinning but, they also offer scratch protection.

We offer premium quality luggage tags in cheap pricing but, you can also choose to get your printed tags shipped free of any additional cost throughout the Australia.


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