Mini Heart Tags

Mini Heart Tags

Mini Heart Tags are suitable on lipsticks or other related products or even perfumes can have these tags. Mini heart shaped tags can also be used on places where you want to give special message by using your product.

Mini hearts tags can also be used on gift items to convey special messages while also keeping the beauty of product. We print tags in two different materials including cardboard and vinyl. Cardboard is recommended for custom heart tags as they will be solid and won’t lose their shapes while the vinyl tags are suitable if you plan to use them in wet places and vinyl printed tags are waterproof.

The mini heart shaped tags can also be printed in different shapes like custom which lets you add any text on the tag or you can select from die-cut tags with any shape of your desired.

You can also make your heart tags printed with unique design by selecting from additional detailing like embossing, stamping and gold or silver foiling. UV coating will enable you to get added protection from scratches.

Our mini heart tags are ready for use and we also pre-punch all tags with holes so just have to add thread and start using on the location where you want them to be.

We offer cheap priced mini hearts tags but, the material used in still kept top notch quality. You can also get your mini hearts tags delivered at your home steps thanks to our free shipping services.


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