Shear Hang Tags

Shear Hang Tags

Shear Hang Tags are the ones which have compact size than the regular tags where they can be very smaller. Shear hanging tags also come in different types of shapes ranging from traditional ones like circular, square or rectangular tags or get your desired shape by choosing from custom or die-cut ones.

The custom shear tags allow our customers to get any kind of text printed on the tag while the die-cut ones are the ones which are cut from dies made after understanding the shape selected by the client.

Once you have selected the tag’s shape, you might want to select the material and that’s where we offer the best services. We offer premium quality material like cardboard or the vinyl. Cardboard material in touch and stiff in feel and can have any texture or the color printed on them. Vinyl shear tags are the ones which have the features like added durability and waterproofing while the transparency is an added option.

There might be an occasion where you want your tags to be printed with more customization and we also offer this. You can get your shear tags embossed or stamped while gold or silver foiling can be selected to add shine to your tags. We also provide an option to add extra layer of protection by choosing the UV coating which will make your cardboard shear hang tags scratch proof.

We are one of the few companies who print all our products in full-color where you will be able to get any color printed without any added cost. You can also get your tags shipped to your doorsteps without any incurring cost.


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