Tear Off Tags

Tear Off Tags

Tear off tags are those which have a special part which can be teared off from specified part enabling you to use the teared part as identification number. The tear off hang tags can also be used for tracking purposes where the fixed and detachable tear off parts of tags can be matched together to identify a product.

Our tear off custom tags is printed specifically for tracking information where our tags are printed for use in travel agencies to identify the luggage. Our tags are also used in other places where tracking or identification purpose is your aim.

You can also choose to get your tags printed with special serial numbers which will allow you to use the printed tags for identification purpose in addition to labeling.

Our tear of tags can be printed in two materials ranging from cardboard or vinyl where cardboard looks classic and has stiffness. Vinyl tags come in plastic PVC material which provides waterproofing if you choose to use your tags in wet conditions while the vinyl tags are also transparent.

We offer many types of shapes for the printing of tags enabling us to achieve the full-needs of our customers. We offer standard shapes like square, circular and rectangular tags while the custom allows you to get your desired text printed on the tags. We also offer die-cut shapes to allow us to print your desired shapes according to your ideas.

All our tear off tags are pre-printed with the dots to tear off the removable parts which means you just have to attach your tags to the product and start using them without spending a minute on the product.

We are one of the few companies who offer free shipping of all the ordered items and deliver them anywhere in the Australia.


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