Apparel Hang Tags

Apparel Hang Tags

Apparel Hang tags are used particularly for the clothing products, made with fabric, and so are made with the fabric. Apparel tags are used to display the price, size, descriptions or company & country of the make. offers five different types of tags, such as, Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom or Die-Cut Shape.

One major purpose of the Apparel Hangs tags is to increase the uniqueness of the product so that it may look different from other products in the showroom.

Apparel Hang tags can be made with fabric, paper, cardboard, UV coated material or Vinyl material and in the shapes liked or supplied by Customer. Full colors are normally used for the material and for the printed text. For the apparels for ladies and children usage, the full, bright, shining and charming colors are applied where as for the aged person, different colors may be applied and with images on it.

To increase the attractiveness, splendor and prettiness, embossing and stamping is the norm of the industry. For some types of very high quality and pricy apparels, Gold and Silver foiling can also be applied for the manufacturing of the tags. Tags for apparel for the different age, gender, event, occasion or purpose are made differently and with different process, depending upon the nature of the product. 

Our team of expert, highly skilled, trained and professional workers ensures the cheap yet quality tags for the customers. On the other hand, our team responsible for the delivery of the tags delivers the order free, in time, safely, promptly and swiftly within Australia and Australia regardless the size and weight of the order.


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