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Lips Tags

Tips Tags
Lips tags are those which have lips shape or image printed on them. These tags can be printed in a variety of shapes including custom or die-cut lips shapes or regular circular or square ones.

The custom lip tags give our customers the option to print any text on their desired shapes while die-cut tags will ensure that any imaginable shape is printed and even the most complicated ones can be printed from us.

Lip-shaped tags from us can be printed in two different materials including the cardboard and vinyl. Cardboard material is best if you want your custom kiss tags to be stiffer while vinyl enables us to print transparent and waterproof tags.

Our customers can also choose to get details like the embossing or stamping while the gold or silver foiling adds shining. You have the choice of selecting from full-colors which lets you get any pattern in realistic colors. UV coating can also be added to our tags which will give additional protection especially, to the cardboard material.

Our team of skilled designers ensures that all our customers select the best design for their prints which reflects the ideas and thoughts of our customers. The designing services are offered free of cost to all our customers. We also offer free of cost shipping of all lips tags printed by us where they are delivered free of cost throughout Australia.

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