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Jewelry Tags

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Jewelry Tags
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Jewelry Tags


Jewelry Tags

Keeping in the view the aesthetic senses of the sensitive jewelry consumers, five tag types specifically designed for the Jewelry by are; Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom and Die-Cut. These tags are designed particularly for the precious and expensive jewelry items, such as, earring, bangles, rings, necklace, bracelet or anything else.

When jewelry items are displayed in the showcase, the tags attached to them are typically smaller and are custom-made or die-cut. Colored tags are usually not liked and preference is given to gold or silver foiled. Embossed or stamped tags are liked and if they are die-cut according to the shape of the jewelry product, it is highly attractive and appreciable. Gold or silver tags add beauty to the jewelry as they shine and glow like jewelry items, adding the unconscious price of the jewelry by appealing directly to the customers. Tags for some of the bigger jewelry items are usually rectangular while the circular shaped tags are also popular for some items of jewelry.

Paper-made tags are liked for some items of jewelry but just to show price while the UV coated tags are not liked as jewelry items are not supposed to be inspected with hands on them. But if some details, other than price are required, it may be in color printing. 

Jewelry tags, offered by are normally pre-punched with holes to be used to hang them in the showcase.

To prepare the cheap yet quality tags, our highly trained, skilled and experienced team of designers and manufacturers, ensures that the product is prepared up to the best quality. Being one of the few companies to manufacture high quality tags, we also assure the free, Safe, prompt and in time delivery within Australia and United States regardless of the size of the order.

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If you are looking for the printing of swing tags for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made tags then, the tags printed by us are made right for you.

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The print is always very high quality at a great price, and the customer service we receive from David, Micheal and Robin is always amazing. Any issues, they always sort them very quickly. Thanks Again

Brilliant company, they deliver great products and a speedy fashion and the online ordering process is so simple. I would not hesitate to recommend Design Media Service to anyone

My small business relies on other businesses to provide the best service, quality and value for me to survive! Design Media Service have stepped up repeatedly for me now, and I’m beyond impressed! Absolutely trustworthy.

I was kept informed what stage my order was at through the process
Michal clarkh

From initial inquiry stage through to purchase & delivery the customer service was first class & we are more than happy with the quality and look of the box’s supplied.

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