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Standard Fold Over Tags

Standard Fold Over Tags
The standard fold overhang tags are like mini fold overhang tags but, their size is much larger as compared to the mini tags. You can select from different sizes for the printing of standard fold overhang tags as per your specifications. These folds over tags are the ones which can also work as business card thanks to its larger size.

Our printed standard fold overhang tags come in different shapes including the traditional rectangular, square and circular tags whereas, the custom standard fold over tags allows us to print any shape. The die-cut standard tags can be used to print your desired shapes with any kind of curves and folds.

If you want to add additional details to your products then, you may opt to select from emboss/stamping and foiling whereas, the UV coating allows us to add added protection.

The standard fold overhang tags can be printed from cardboard materials which have the option of getting any texture and color printed. The cardboard fold overhang tags are also rigid enough to get the fold where you can also add multiple folds to them.

The entire standard fold overhang tags are printed in full-color enabling you to get any color or pattern of colors printed on the tags. Alternatively, you can also select from regular CMYK option but, both the full-color and CYMK are printed in cheap pricing.

All the orders of the standard fold overhang tags can be delivered to your doorsteps for free without the need to pay extra for delivery of any quantity.

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