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Classic Fold Over Tags

Classic Fold Over Tags
Classic Fold Over Tags can be used on any item ranging from jewelry, toys, furniture, garments, or even antique items. These tags are designed specifically to label your products while also keeping the look of your products classic. These tags are like classic tags but, they come in the folding material which means you can add a label as well as a custom comment inside the fold.

Our classic folder over tags come in different shapes where each one is unique and offer different shape and layout. You can select custom made ones where the option to add any text on the items is available while the die-cut ones ensure that you can get your ideal shape printed. You can also select from circular, square or rectangular ones which are considered as standard shapes.

Classic fold-over tags can be printed in two different materials including cardboard of vinyl. Cardboard lets you get the right classic look as that cardboard material can be used which looks stylish but, classic with old-like textures.

Additional details can also be added by selecting from embossing, stamping or gold/silver foiling which will let you customize each tag according to your needs. Cardboard can be damaged by water but, our UV coating will ensure that the tags are less prone to scratches and are waterproof.

You can also get your tags printed from us with timely delivery where you can get your order shipped to any location in Australia free of cost.

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