Bags Hang Tags

Bags Hang Tags

Bag Hang tags are used with three specific purposes in mind; to describe the price of the bags, to give details of the product and to add beauty & splendor to the product.

Five distinguished types of the Bags Hang Tags are offered by; Rectangular Bags Tags, Square Bags Tags, Round Bags Tags, custom Bags Tags and Die-Cut Bag Tags. Custom Bags Tags and Die-Cut Tags are offered, to be made according to the design given by Customer, and may be cut according to the shape / design of the bag.          

Luggage Hang tags are opted for the usage in any type of luggage or bag items to add to the beauty and splendor of the bags. The tags used by ladies and children are prepared with extra care as they may cause to add to the price and attractiveness with full attractive, shining and bright color to make them marvelously beautiful.

The ladies and children bags, including school bags, are prepared with best quality paper and cardboard while some of the labels are prepared with UV coated or Vinyl material to keep them a little long lasting. Some of the very high quality bags for the display of the extravagance may be offered with Gold or Silver foiling and are usually Die-Cut Tags. enhance the beauty of the tags, the embossing or stamping is recommended for the ladies and children bags. On the other hand, the bags used in the traveling are specifically prepared with tough cardboard to give them a touch of durability but according to the Market mix of the bag.

Tags used by air and land transport companies, issued to be attached to the luggage of the traveler, are made with cardboard. All the bag tags, except Die-Cut ones, are made with the small hole at the top of them to add threads. If the bag tags are to be used for the bags in wet or moist conditions, the UV coated or Vinyl material is highly recommended.

Details and descriptions on the bag tags can be printed on the material, in any color and printing can be made with any other color to make reading distinguishable readable and attractive.

To make the bag tags cheap, they will be made by a dedicated team of the professional and skilled workers and will ensure the prompt, in time and safe yet free delivery within Australia and United States.


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