Bottle Neck Tags

Bottle Neck Tags

Two types of Bottle Neck Tags, offered by us, are widely and commonly used to be tied up with the necks of the bottles of all sizes, designs, shapes and material. The Bottle Neck tags can be custom-made or die-cut, depending upon the choice, need or requirement of the product yet with any desired script on them. Our Custom or Die-Cut tags are manufactured to make your product looking good and unique to send the right message to the customers and to attract the attention of any passerby customer.

If the tags are required for the high quality products with higher prices, the clientele is advised to get the high quality printing. High quality material is offered in embossed, stamped form or even with gold or silver foiling. As per trend of the market, medicines are offered with paper labels whereas food products can be tagged with embossing or stamping. On the other hand, higher and older categories of wines can even be offered with tags of gold and silver foiling. Normally, products, such as used in water, are offered with high quality see through UV coated material to enhance their durability and quality.

Bottle Next tags are available in full color and/or CMY while the selection of colors is offered from a long spectrum of colors to distinguish them from other similar products available on the rack. Wide range of text fonts and writing styles are offered on the different types of stuff, ranging from paper, vinyl or cardboard to convey the message of the product manufacturer and the ingredient of the bottle.

Again; SwingTagsCo assures the free, quick, prompt and safe delivery of products throughout Australia and Australia with the high quality standards.       


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