Circular Tags

Circular Tags

Circular Tags are the ones which have circular shape but, they can have any kind of edges ranging from spikes, curved or even bubble ones. You can also order your desired type or circular hang tags.

The circular hang tags are usually printed on premium quality material where our customer can select from two different ones. You can have your tags printed in the cardboard material which is elegant looking and has the features like stiffness, custom texture and any color. While the vinyl circular hang tags are useful when you want your tags to be waterproof or simply want to add transparency to them.

All our printed circular and other hang tags are printed using the full-colors which means you will get rich colors which are not only eye catching but, also add to the beauty of the product. You can also get images or logos printed on the tags using our circular tags.

We are few of the companies who offer our customer with the option to add additional personalization like embossing, stamping, foiling and UV protection free of cost. Foiling can be done in gold or silver while the UV coating is a custom layer of transparent plastic enabling us add an extra protection layer to protect from scratches.

Our customers can also consult our skilled team of designers without paying a dime where our designers work close with the client to help them get their desired circular tags printed. Our designers only send the tags for printing once they have been finalized by the customer. We also offer free shipping of all our ordered items and you can get them delivered free of cost anywhere in the Australia.


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