Hats Hang Tags

Hats Hang Tags

Hats Hang tags, offered by Swingtagsco.com.au, are prepared in five distinguished shapes; Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom or Die-Cut Hats tags.

Hat Hang tags are acutely made for the hats with three major purposes; to help the marketing of the product, to be used to hang it with the wall and to be used to distinguish the ownership of the hats. The Hat Hang tags are made according to the Marketing mix of the product, suggested and chartered by the marketing department of the Hat makers. To display the price, normally labels are attached to the Hats but to display some details of the material, instructions to use or about the Maker Company and country, hang tags are preferred.

As per the need and nature of the hats, printing is made on the paper, soft or tough cardboard or UV coated cardboard. For the hats for the ladies or children, the sharp and full colors are preferred while for the hats for the male and aged people, CMYK basic colors are applied for the stuff and the printing. Ladies and children hats tags can be embossed or stamped with full colors. The precious and costly hats, used as fashion symbol, can be prepared with Gold or Silver foiling with embossing or stamping to add extra value to the hats. The tags for sun hats are made with colors to bear sun heat and sunshine.

Printing by our team of professional can also be of different colors, depending upon the color and / or shape of the hat. The tags to display price are printed with CMYK basic colors while the tags to display details and information about the maker and country of the make are made with durable material and with black color. The tags to distinguish ownership are printed with sharp colors to be seen from distance.

To ensure cheap and lesser cost, our team works in close coordination of the customer while the free and prompt delivery is made with within Australia and United States.                


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