Paper Hang Tags

Paper Hang Tags

You might want to use the tags on your stationary items which not only match the items you are attaching them to but, they also have the ability to add labels. The paper hang tags come in top qualities where we choose the premium quality paper material.

We select different qualities for the paper hang tag printing which enables us to offer our customers with the ability to choose different types of paper. The paper being used on the hang tags must be rigid enough so it won’t bend and that’s why we select to get the paper material glued together on top of each together giving us a hard material.

Our customers can select from different shapes for the printing of the paper made tags where standard shapes like circular, rectangular and square ones are available. But, if you are looking to get a new type of shape printed then, you may select from the custom or die-cut ones.

The custom shape gives you the ability to get any kind of text added on the paper hang tag whereas, the die-cut option has the ability to print the tags in any unique or unusual shape.

Our customers can also select to add more customization to their tags by selecting from emboss, stamp and foiling. We also offer UV coating which gives an extra layer of protection from scratches by adding a transparent layer of plastic.

We are one of the few companies who offer we shipping of all the printed products which means you will be able to print and get your paper hang tags printed and shipped to your doorsteps at lowest rates.


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