Shoes Tags

Shoes Tags

Keeping in view the special needs of tags for the shoe business, offers especially designed five types of tags; Rectangular Shoe Tags, Square, Round, Custom and Die-Cut Shoes Tags.

Shoe business administrators need special types of tags and labels for separate categories to make the categories distinct and attractive for the store visitors and customers. Separate tags may be needed for the shoes of adults, ladies, child wearable, or purpose built shoes or shoes for the specific event.

The custom made tags ensure the usage of high quality full colored paper or cardboard with printed text on them while the Die-Cut tags are made with any specific design provided by the customer. On the other hand, standard shaped tags; Circular, Square or Rectangular can be used for any purpose and on any category of shoes but still with real and long lasting impact on the customer.

Some type of shoes may require UV coated or Vinyl material tags or labels, and some of the very high quality of products may need embossing or stamping while extra details can be printed on gold or silver foiled Tags for the prime quality tags. 

Our highly trained professionals prepare the tags according to the precise details of the order from customer to make tags one of the cheapest products in the market, taking extra care for the high quality of the tags. Our delivery team makes it certain to deliver prepared order, swiftly, promptly and in time yet free within Australia or United States.


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