Waterproof PVC Hang Tags

Waterproof PVC Hang Tags

Are you looking for the kind of tags which are will not only work as label but, are also waterproof so you can use them on your items which can get wet. The waterproof PVC hang tags can be used on places and items which can get wet or can be used on moist places.

The waterproof tags are printed from PVC material which is not only waterproof but, also are unique in shape. You can also have the PVC hang tags printed in the vinyl material which will add transparency while keeping the waterproofing features.

You can get your PVC tags printed in the different shapes where standard shapes like rectangular, square and circular tags are available. You can also have your tags printed in custom shape which will have the option to add your desired text on the tag while the die-cut waterproof tags will ensure that your ideal shape is printed.

You can get any color printed on the waterproof PVC hang tags which will ensure that you have the best options to print your tags. Our full-color printing enables us to print images in real-like colors.

Our team of skilled designers ensure that all your ideas and thoughts are reflected on the final prints and our designers will help you selected the best designs for your products without charging any additional cost. You can also get your ordered waterproof PVC custom hang tags delivered to any address in the Australia without incurring cost.


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