Retail Tags

Retail Tags

Our custom made retails tags can be used on your retail stores to label your products and add additional details like the pricing and product description. The retail tags printed by us can also be used to show some custom message on the tags.

Our retail price tags come in different shapes and materials where you have the option to select from custom and die-cut shapes. Custom tags can carry any printed text on them while the die-cut ones are suitable when you want to get any shape printed.

We print all the retail sale tags in premium quality material which means you will be able to tag your items which will increase the beauty as well as the value of the product. You can also resell the tags printed by us at your retail stores and sell them to your customers according to their needs.

We are one of the few companies who offer the printable retail sale tags to be printed in two different materials including cardboard and vinyl. The cardboard material is very useful when you want your tags to look classic but, also want them to be rigid. The vinyl printed price tags are transparent and since they are printed from PVC material, they are also waterproof.

We offer full-color printing on our retail label tags which means you will have the option of getting the any text, logo or even image printed on the retail tags.

You can choose to add additional detailing by choose foiling which is offered in the gold or silver or simply get your tags printed with embossing or stamping on them.

You can also get all your ordered tags shipped free of cost to any location in the Australia allowing you to receive your tags at cheapest rates.


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